Laleh Park

September 13, 2018

Housed in the northeast of the lovely Azeri city of Tabriz, the futuristic commercial center of Laleh Park is a favorite tourist destination for the locals and international tourists alike. The massive shopping mall houses a hypermarket, 4,213 square meters. The shopping complex also holds five-dimensional cinema, food courts, restaurants, coffee shops, kids’ playground, and highly rated luxurious hotel.

Launched in 2013, the 6-storey complex offers high-quality commodities in a variety of well-reputed brand names; here you can find fashionable clothing, gold and jewelry, sporting goods, household appliances, electronic devices, trendy bags and foot wares.

The largest and most stylish shopping center in the northwest of the country, the building boasts ornate architecture and well-furnished, chic boutiques. Once there you will be irresistibly tempted to do lots of shopping. For shopaholics and compulsive shoppers, it might be a different story though; fashionable items might cost them an arm and a leg! So if you are the one, you might come with a red credit card and return in black!

Just kidding! With the many world famous brands, the market-oriented management tries to keep a balance as far as prices are concerned. It also checks the quality of the offered items to guarantee clients’ satisfaction.

To access the shopping hub, just take a van or taxi. And if you go there by your own car, you can easily park it in the parking lot. It’s a must-do once in Tabriz. And if you don’t decide to purchase anything, simply stroll around to enjoy the lively mall that never seems to be idle.

Opening hours are from 9 am to 11 pm every day, except for mourning holidays.

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