Kuh Gol Lake

September 13, 2018

Sisakht County, in Yasuj, offers plenty of seasonal lakes and attractive perspectives. As soon as autumn arrives, lakes here get full of waters. Therefore, throughout the year you will have 6 moths to pay a visit and enjoy the pristine lands.

Kuh Gol Lake stands on top when it comes to gorgeous seasonal lakes in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province. It is located on the northeast of tourist Sisakht County, on the well-known Bijan gorge and over the hills of Kuh Gol.

The 500-square -meter- lake, with a depth of 15 m, is a must-see tourist attraction. The attractive lake is surrounded by dense plantations and vividly-colorful flowers. Their scent is spread all over the place and arouses tourists’ interest.  Among the plants are chamomile, fragrant mint, rhubarb, oregano and wild mushrooms. Here you can be amazed by copious beautiful landscapes.  Inverted tulips are also an admirable scene.

Exploring the land is a fun thing to do. And clicks of photos are quite common here. With ample platforms for camping, visitors will take pleasure in the peaceful site and leave behind all the pressure and tensions behind and try a laid-back day or night in the heart of nature. Swimming is a nice thing to try as well.

In summertime, migratory birds like geese, storks, cranes, and herons flock in the neighborhood, creating a wondrous outlook. The best time to visit, though, is in March and May when you can view a piece of paradise before your eyes and admire all the glamor of the lively picture postcard.

The marvelous landscapes of the nearby Dena’s conservation area, too, add to the splendor and charm of the site.

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