Mishine Marg Summit

September 13, 2018

Iran’s unmatched nature has a lot to offer; from the Caspian Sea, on top of Iran’s map, to the profuse green yet mountainous west, the dazzling central deserts, to the gorgeous Persian Gulf, what you see will captivate your eyes. No matter what you prefer; the country will be a huge wow for visitors with its exceptional fields, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, and deserts.

Today, I will take you to one of the enchanting destinations in Firoozkooh, Tehran Province.

Mishineh Marg Summit, 3,980 m in height, north of a village named Lazoor, is among the highest peaks in East Alborz mountain ranges.

On your way to the mountain you will be swept away by the fertile lands; you will pass by the attractive Siyahrood Lake and be drawn to rest or take a dip for a few hours. About 150 m further, you can access public rest rooms, and cottages. Also you will view abundant springs scattered in the fields. Time permitting, use your camping equipment as you can find a plethora of camping sites to energize and recharge.

The best time to see the admired mountain for mount climbers is in May and April to have a safe elevation gain besides enjoying the picturesque view over Damavand Mount.

If you are a professional, you will undoubtedly come prepared in wintertime as the pathway might be covered with snow. But if you are not, you’d better go with a guide to guarantee a safe excursion. Also if you happen to visit in spring, make sure to change your way as the usual trail, Lazoor village to the gorge, onto the lake, spring fields, cliff and the peak, is so dangerous due to extreme wetness and inundate showers, making it strenuous and grueling to find your way around.

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