Jahannam Darreh

February 28, 2019

The name of hell might frighten people to death; but you can never believe that there is a gorgeous place associated with the same name in Iran! Yeah, you heard me right!

Jahannam Darreh, literally Hell’s Valley, in west Azerbaijan is seemingly a scary, fearsome spot for those who have happened to pay a partially-finished visit to the somehow-unexplored spot.

From Khoy County towards Chaldoran, move on Zarabad raod to reach the place almost halfway through.

Few might feel like visiting the place; except for mountain climbers and hunters who welcome risky adventures, no one seems to ever want to go and see the place on their own. With locals’ disputable arguments about the unsafe place, many have lost their interest despite the beauties of the pristine, unknown lands.

Perhaps the namesake relates to the dreadful, unsurmountable mountains which have been a hiding spot for those who opposed their governments during history.

Wild animals and birds like bears, boars, and hyenas as well as hawks and eagles live in the region, so the place’s hazards seem to be full.

A river flows within the high, steep valley, 70 degrees gradient, surrounded by soaring mountains. It is overwhelmingly dangerous enough to keep usual tourists away. Only professional climbers have managed to conquer the land. Some even have challenged to go but to their luck even their corpse haven’t been found.

The terrifying, deadly valley, 13 km long and variant 1700 to 2800 m deep, now so difficult to pass interestingly was once on the Silk Road route.

All said, if you think you are the one to venture to go into the depth of danger, that’s OK. Who knows?! Your name might emerge as a contemporary forerunner on the cover of magazines and papers once you go through the perilous expedition.

No clear pictures of the valley itself were found online.

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