Dena Protected Area

May 9, 2018

Dena conservation area is spread out in the lofty mountains of Zagros in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province.

Dena Mountain, with a length of 80 km, is the longest in Zagros mountain range. Measuring an area of 92,967 hectares, Dena preserved area enjoys rich animals and plants life. The animals here include wild cats, wolves, lizards, alligators, snakes, sables, ferrets, tigers, partridges, pelicans, ducks, cranes and flamingoes. You can observe the flight of a variety of amazing birds like eagles, hawks, goldfinches, and skylarks. The beautiful Persian squirrels, which help to renew the oak forests, are plentiful in Dena Mountain.

From an elevation of 4,000 meters up, you can also see gorgeous plants and flowers growing amid huge rocks. Rare tulips here create a scenic landscape worth photographing. Dena Mountain is the origin for many rivers which provides water for people in the south of the country. Pastures, forests, decorative, edible plants and medicinal herb are seen in the expanse of the area. At a height of 2,500 m, the oak forests are seen on the south slopes. There are also hawthorns, bushes and shrubs.

The rich area with unmatched flora and fauna existence in the country was recognized the tenth Biosphere Reserve of Iran by the UNESCO in 2010 and ranked 550 throughout the world.

The main threats to the area are illegal hunting, population growth, roads construction, development of gas pipelines through the forests, illegal cutting down of trees, excessive grazing, draining swage into the rivers, excessive use of toxics and pesticides in farms. Protecting the area has supported the growth and rise of animals and plants species so that you can simply view animals like bears, goats, and deer.

The protected area has been a favorite place for biology and geology researchers in terms of its climatic and geological features. Hikers and mountaineers also appreciate their adventure in the mighty Dena Mountain while praising the pristine beauty of the protected area.

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