Qeshm Island

February 28, 2019

An island of wonder, Qeshm finely introduces part of the glamor of the Persian Gulf.  In Qeshm, you will be impressed by lots of natural picturesque scenes; from massive salt caves to Darrey-e Setareha, Persian for Stars Valley, to Chahkuh and triple Naaz Islands to impressive coral reefs and Portuguese Castle.

Amazing Hara forests and Mangroves in gorgeous Qeshm are habitats for diverse, sometimes rare, animal and plant species. Bird lovers will fall in love with the place; it is a top destination for seeing beautiful rare birds.

Here you can have lots of fun experiences: diving, swimming and water sports in waters, something which you can hardly find elsewhere in south of the country. Watching the playful dolphins in waters on boats can be a joyous thing too. Along the coasts, you will enjoy turtles’ slow motion on the sandstones. You will also enjoy your walk along the coast especially in sunset with dazzling sands and calm waters.

Shopping is a must-do here: shopaholics, compulsive shoppers as well as ordinary purchasers will get high-quality items at far lower prices than in other cities.

Restaurants usually offer good food: samosa shouldn’t be missed; and seafood is also a good option for those who have a craving for this cuisine.

The rightly-selected place as a commercial-industrial zone, the island has lately enhanced its tourism industry.

Qeshm with its worthwhile natural and historic attractions is a quiet, peaceful place; stepping into the lands means leaving behind all the pressures and tensions of modern world and having fun in a traditional way, apart from traffic jams and glamorous, deceptive appearance in developed cities.

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