Gonbad-e Qabus Tower

February 28, 2019

The amazing landmark from the 4th century AH, Gonbad-e Qabus Tower in the north of the country in Golestan Province offers a unique architecture still functioning.
The highest brick tower in the whole world, stands atop an earth hill, 15 m above ground level. The whole tower, 72 m tall, it was constructed in Gonbad-e Kavoos when Ziyarid Amir Shams ol-Ma’āli Qabus ibn Wushmgir ruled the city, a seat for many kings.
Over a millennium old, the UNESCO World Heritage Site has been admired by many international architects and artists. Professor Arthur Upham Pope calls it the most marvelous masterpiece in Persian’s architecture. He describes Wushmgir’s tomb a plain, brick monument which has no peer.
As soon as you set your foot inside, you will see some Muqarnas, a form of decoration in Persian Architecture, on the semi-circular arch of the entrance which is adorned gorgeously with plaster. The simple, yet beautiful decorations are prior samples in Islamic buildings which have evolved over a thousand years.
The conical dome of the tower is 18 m in height; on its east, there is an opening, 1, 90 m tall. On its south corner is an entrance, 1, 5 m wide and 5, 55 m high.
Round the body there are 2 inscriptions in simple brick Kufic scripts; one 8 m above the base and another beneath the pyramid-shaped dome. Encircled by a rectangular-shaped brick frame, they are thoroughly readable.
The simple, non-luxuriant memorial building is a must-do in the northern province. Amid gardens in hot seasons, it also houses a playground for kids. Nightly views are preferred.

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