Magnificent Shapouri House

September 11, 2018

The glorious Shapouri Mansion, of early Pahlavi Era, is erected in Shiraz, Anvari Street opposite Ahli Street. The nationally recorded historic site was built by master architect, Abulghasim Muhandesi, and was owned by Abd Alsaheb Shapouri, a great merchant in Shiraz. The invaluable edifice with the surrounding enchanting garden well display the significance and marvel of the Persian architecture. Fascinating innovations and designs are a nice symbol of Iran’s unique arts and architecture. Of note is the west façade’s decorations, concrete pillars, and plaster embellishments as well as the eye-catching tiling inspired by Achaemenes on the upper iwan.

The old mansion holds a wonderful garden, where you can wander around to breathe in and out in the fresh air and enjoy the exhilarating, intoxicating atmosphere.

As soon as you step into the site, the great yard and delightful scenery will catch your eyes to keep on to reach the wonderfully-constructed mansion. Your visits in spring and summertime will be one of the incomparable journeys you might have taken as you will be fascinated by the splendor and glamor of the green spot, filled with colorful flowers, and abundant fountains.

After a leisurely walk around, you can make it towards the international restaurant and a coffee shop for refreshments and relaxation. Don’t forget to take some memorable photos in the lush space of the garden with your companions.

The two-storey mansion in an area of 840 square meters, and the massive garden of 4,635 square meters warmly embrace interested tourists and sightseers.

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