Gorgan Palace Museum

August 19, 2019

Goragn museum, ranked 24th in the country, is located in Park-e Shahr in Golestan. Among 12 palaces of the Pahlavi era, it was built in 1938. Today, the national heritage site serves as an archeology museum and showcases interesting works of art as well as some priceless historic objects.

Built near the complex of offices, municipality, and register department, it was originally a place to receive guests in the dynasty. As an exhibition, the building became open to the public in 1964 for the first time after minimal reconstruction. Also some restoration happened in 1982, and a few times afterwards till it gained its current look. 

The 2-storey building basically features European architecture. The ground floor exhibits statues of Gorgan’s dignitaries, from 5,000 years ago to the 20th century. In this section you will learn a lot about important religious, art and cultural figures of the region. Among them are Ali Jorjani,  a calligrapher, Sufi Estarabadi, poet, and Muhammad Reza Lotfi, musician.

3 stone staircases beautified by wooden balustrades take you to the second floor. On your left, you will see a large window covered in light-color curtain. 

Pahlavi’s majestic tea set is on public view. Also other highly-priced items of the dynasty is on display like the queen’s brush and mirror. Of note are dishes from some European countries like the Czech Republic, Germany, France, and Italy. In addition, the top floor presents eye-catching, precious stones from nature. 

The museum is open throughout the week except for official holidays. 

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