Ghelaghiran Mountain

May 9, 2018

Ilma’s iconic mountain, in the west of the country, is a tourist destination for mountaineers and mere sightseers.

With a height of 2,152 m, the anthropologically significant Ghelaghiran offers panoramic views of surrounding abundant Sheshdar forests. Moving from Ivan-e Gharb to Ilam, you will see endless Zagros Mountains; everywhere you look, mountains and huge rocks are seen. On this very path, you will notice astounding mountain of Ghelagiran. Interestingly, the mountain looks different depending on your viewpoint. It is said that the architects of the famous Azadi Tower in Tehran were inspired by the magnificence and marvelousness of the outstanding Ilam’s mountain.

Of note is the ancient site around the mountain which dates from the Sassanid to post-Islamic era. Parthian’s Ghelaghiran Castle, for instance, stands atop the mountain overlooking the forests.

The awe-inspiring view of the mountain beckons professional rock climbers and mountaineers as well as interested adventurists. The non-touristy, pristine mountain is a nice option for skilled mount climbers with necessary equipment which would make for a safe, enjoyable journey.

If you don’t love mountaineering, there are alternative opportunities like camping and hiking in the neighboring forests. In a distance between the site and Manjel, you will view many beautiful scenes of gardens and springs with the mountain backdrop and can take great snapshots. The best time to pay visits is in autumn and spring.

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