Saravan Forest Park

March 1, 2019

The enormous park, 1,487 hectares, is stretched about 17 km from Rasht in Gilan Province. The incomparable parkland with its lush vegetation and rare plants species characterizes gorgeous landscapes.

Extended in a terrain in the vicinity of the main road, it is loved by sightseers and travelers who select it as their stopover. A one-off memorable experience in lifetime once in Iran, your journey through the splendid forest should be recorded on films and photos.

Right at your starting point in the park, you will be wondered by a gorgeous pond with a wooden platform and goose-shaped boats to roam around waters. Covered tables and benches placed through the forest are a place to rest and refresh. With camping sites, barbecues, kids’ playground, and paintball grounds, you have opportunities to enjoy your visit.

With regard to fauna and flora life, trees like oaks, hornbeams, alders, pines, cypresses, and elms are found in abundance. Animals involve rabbits, partridges, pheasants, owls, ferrets, and various reptiles.

You shouldn’t miss the Rural Heritage Museum in the forest; a great experience enriching your journey. Here you can view the centennial architecture of Gilan and the way of life in its villages.

Marvelous scenery can be come across throughout the year; autumn is my own recommendation with colorful foliage and pleasing rattles of fallen leaves beneath your feet. However, many would rather to visit the park in spring and summer.

Parking lots are available, so no worries if you drive a car to the region.

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