Chehel Sotoun Palace one of the most visited place in Isfahan

September 4, 2019

Isfahan is famous for being an artistic and historical city. One of its most visited attractions is a Chehel Sotoun Palace which means 40 columns. The palace is situated on the 67000 square meters land.  Its design was motivated by Chinese, Iranian, and European architecture. Its wonderful architecture leaves the visitors fascinated in wonder and admiration. The palace is enlisted in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage list. The twenty lean wooden columns which support the doorway of the mansion reflect their shadow in the water and appears to be Forty Columns.

Chehel Sotoun Palace is  an architectural work of art in the shape of the garden which has emerged in the city of Isfahan. It is a mansion in the heart of a garden built  by Shah Abbas II for the purpose of receptions and amusements.

Representation of various scenes and paintings

A lot of paintings, frescoes and ceramic panels in Chehel Sotoun Palace bears the ancient historical  scenario like the Battle of Chaldiran, the reception of Uzbek King right after the completion of the palace and so on. There are also pictures of celebrations of joy and love in traditional Persian style in miniature form.

Location of the Palace

The main gate of the Palace opens on Sepah Street, next to Isfahan Municipality. So, the using of public transportation, is helpful to reach the Municipal Bus Station,  which is fairly near to the palace.

Other attractions close by are Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Hasht Behesht Palace, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace, Qeysarieh Gate, The Grand Bazaar, and Imam Mosque.

Where to stay near the palace

Those who can afford to go distant, are suggested about a wide range of hotels in the vicinity to the Chehel Sotoun Palace. These hotels are not alike, but of different categories, like 1-Star,  3-Star, 4-Star, 3-Star, and  5-star.  Experience a few nights in these hotels for the awesome memories while in Isfahan. If you want to stay in budget lodging, then explore more for suitable accommodation.

Review #2

The royal Safavid palace, Chehel Sotoun in Iran’s central city of Isfahan is admired by many tourists around the world. At over 67,000 square meters, the UNESCO World Heritage Site was built at the reign of Shah Abbas I and perfected when Shah Abbas II was the king.

When Shah Abbas I selected Isfahan as his stately seat in 1599, he was committed to develop the city. Building long streets and extensive gardens were on his agenda; thereby he accomplished many remarkable artistic architectures with the assistance of Sheikh Bahai, the genius, well-gifted scientist. Chehel Sotoun, 40-columned, mansion in fact contains 20 slender wooden pillars which are doubled when their image is reflected on the waters of the forward-facing fountains.

Of early buildings with all-encompassing ornamental artworks, the palace features sumptuous mirror work, wall paintings, and Muqarnas. All doors and windows are elegantly inlaid. Elaborate Muqarnas, decoration of vaults, is seen on ceilings.

Combining western, Chinese as well as Iranian architectures, the majestic estate carries a main iwan, 3 m long and 17 m wide, facing eastwards. The opposite pool, 110 m long and 16 m wide, have indeed completed the elegance and grace of the site.  The finely-proportioned pool with a dark-colored bottom appears very deep and the image created on the waters ‘surface displays a noticeable symmetry similar to that of Ali Qapu.

The central hall, allocated for foreign states’ guests in the past, is an exhibit of fine fresco paintings which depict the historical events such as Shah Tahmasp receiving Humayun, Indian king, Karnal combat against Muhammad Shah Gurkani, as well as the battle of Chaldiran. Great works by the celebrated Iranian artist, Reza Abbasi, are admirable.

Must-see things here are visiting Talar-e Ayeneh, the royal hall with decorative gildings and paintings, the stone lions, and the museum.

Nightly views are preferred thanks to fantastic illuminations all around the building.

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