Pir Bakran Cemetery

January 29, 2019

The small town named Pir Bakran, West of Isfahan, brings together what you need for a lovely trip: history, nature, and kind hosts. Formerly called Balan,  it’s the eternal resting place for Mohammad bin Bakran. He was one of the great scholars and theologians at the time of the king Oljayto,  and taught mysticism in there. Built by Bakran himself in 703 to 712 AH, it used to be the holy sanctuary for the Jewish. The mausoleum of the Jewish Serah bat Asher, it dates from at least 1,400 years ago.

The found stone graves, from 1200 years back, engraved  in Hebrew clearly indicate this fact. The pilgrimage site is home to some graves in an old cemetery.

Some symbolic Jewish objects like David’s candlesticks and stars are seen all around the mausoleum. The synagogue houses graves as old as 2000 years.

Banan Cave inside the town is one of the fascinations of the ancient place. Especially-respected by the prophet Moses’ followers, it is a nice option for travelers of this religion.

The hospitable and warm inhabitants receive the tourist with their own rich produce. Similar to all Iranians, they don‘t spare anything. In all, you will enjoy your stay in this little town.

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