Barajin Forest Park

May 9, 2018

A popular park in the mountainous area of Qazvin Province, Barajin is perhaps Iran’s largest forest park  at 1,500 hectares. Nestled on the eastern height facing the seasonal Aranzak River, it offers great scenery. Receiving many national and international tourists during the year (especially in spring and summer when the weather is nice and pleasant), Barajin is a fine park with many fun opportunities.

With a chairlift, cinema, cycling grounds, a horse riding court, a kids’ playground, a natural history museum, and a camping site, it has become a prominent tourist attraction in Qazvin.

Easily accessible for early arrivals, the park recently opened a natural life village where different species of animals like deer, goats and birds are kept. So it is not a mere visit to an ordinary park but rather a place to see animal life up close. A leisure spot for having a nice day in the heart of nature, it is packed on weekends with families and tourists. If you don’t like crowds, it’s wise to visit on a weekday.

The hills in the park offer a perfect view of the city of Qazvin. Waterfalls, fountains, and ponds enhance the beauty of the forest park.

Local foods are popular here and having a nourishing, delectable meal in covered tables is a pleasure you shouldn’t miss. Another special thing to do is to prepare animals’ food right at the entrance door and enjoy feeding them on your own. Kids like this most. Sit on huge rocks within the water and photograph the flamingos in the lively ambience.

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