Zanjanrud River

May 9, 2018

Locally known as Zanjan Cahy, the river, about 120 km long, starts in Sultaniyeh, southeast of Zanjan and pours into Ghezel Ozan River, 84 km northwest of Zanjan. It feeds all the gardens and fields on its way.

A tourist attraction for Zanjanis and foreign tourists, Zanjan-rud boasts 3 historic brick bridges, a main reason for its draw. Sardar Bridge is most notable.

In the past, the region’s agriculture was more remarkable; landowners left lands and put all the responsibilities on the shoulders of farmers. The main products were wheat, barley, cotton, and alfalfa. Major fruit trees were apricots and apples. With the growth of nearby cities, the farmers migrated to experience a more comfortable lifestyle. So nowadays, only a few families reside in the villages nearby. Gardens and orchards still produce fruits like peaches, apricots, cherries, sour cherries, pears, apples, and walnuts. Wheat is also the main produce in the neighboring lands.

The lush vegetation on the banks of the river is a highlight; apart from medicinal herbs, plants like wild thyme, yarrow, pennyroyal, and chamomile grow here. Animals such as sheep, cows, buffaloes, geese, ducks are seen here, and sometimes wolves, foxes, and boars.

The surrounding nature with beautiful flowers, grassland, and trees encompassing the river attracts tourists in summer and spring. You can come across many scenic landscapes to take snapshots. Picnics are common here; you can see colorful tents scattered on either side of the bank on holidays and weekends. The non-touristy terrain is a delightful draw for peace-seeking sightseers. One nice thing to try here is to simply roaming around and enjoying the views of the old bridges over the Zanjan-rud.

After anti-litter campaigns by environmentalists and nature lovers, the region is tidy and visitors are expected to respect the natural beauty. Smart travelers, as they say, take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints!

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