Zrebar Lake: a quiet and wonderful lake in western Iran

September 4, 2019

Zrebar Lake, another name of Zeribar or Zrewar,  is a quiet and wonderful lake in western Iran.


The lake is located in the Iranian region of  Kordestan west of Marivan. It is 5km long  and 1.6 km wide. The water of the lake is fresh and its depth  has a maximum depth is 20 ft.

The volume of water

The volume of water of the lake is approximately 30 million cubic meter. The average rainfall here is about 786 mm in a year. Relative moisture is 58.5% and rainfall counts as 900 average annually and evaporation is accounted 1900 mm.

Folklore about the origins

There are a number of myths about the source of this lake amongst the Kurdish people of the area. One of these is that the lake is a legendary one, primarily because of its water that are supplied by itself, it gets its water not from any sources of flow of the river.

The description of the Lake

The combination of green and brown color water of  lake, ringed by tall woody perennial grasses and hills, is a real wonder in every season. Zrebar Lake is nationally listed heritage place that enjoys excellent weather conditions during the time span between the  first part of the spring to the middle of the summer.

Those who loves Autumn will surely love the appeal of captivating hues in Mariwan.

Even in winter when the water of the lake freezes,  you can enjoy a wonderful sight. Some make a fun by  walking or stumbling on the slick surface; though it is rather hazardous as the glassy-glossy shell might shatter suddenly.

The vast flora and fauna along with its wildlife and fish are wonderful. With the lake going to join the list of global wetlands,  it is becoming a prospective  destination for eco-tourism.

Review #2

Also called Zariwar and Zaribar, the beautiful lake in Marivan hosts numerous sightseers all year round.

A dazzling gem in Kurdish land, west of the country, it lies 1,285 m above sea level. The freshwater lake is fed by some springs on its bed; actually no river pours into it. With a length of 5 km and width of 1, 5 km, the lake is 3 m deep on average; although in some areas it gains a depth of 8 m.

The lake offers outstanding landscapes encircled by towering mountains and stretches of forests. Clacks of photos are a must-do here.

The green-brownish lake, ringed by long reeds and hills, is a genuine wonder each season.  The nationally-registered natural heritage site enjoys nice weather in a span time from early spring to mid -summer, best time for visits when everything looks vivid and fresh. Autumn lovers will also adore the charms of enchanting colors in Mariwan. Even in cold winters when the lake starts freezing, you can get a marvelous sight. Some venture to walk or stumble on the slippery surface for fun; quite dangerous as the glassy shell might break abruptly.

The over 2,000,000-year-old vital ecosystem features great flora and fauna; its wildlife and fish are amazing. On its way to join the list of international wetlands (in Ramsar Convention), it is a potential ecotourism destination.

Apart from camping around the lake, there are fun opportunities like boating and yachting. Tourists enjoy pedaling in colorful swan-shaped boats or high-speed motor boats. Swimmers, too, will experience lots of pleasure in cool waters. Soak up the lively atmosphere especially when the sun sets and its image is glamorously reflected on water surface, creating a marvelous scene.

Not-to-be-missed is the adjacent Oraman district with even more picturesque scenery. Only one visit will be enough to fall in love with it and double back.

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