Park-e Tokhme Morghi (Egg-shaped Park)

May 9, 2018

At the beginning of Shahrak-e Isar, the egg-shaped park, also known as Isar or Isteghlal Park, draws visitors in the Azeri city of Urmia. One main reason for its popularity is that it is located in the vicinity of the Mihan Abad Shopping Center, where famous brand names, especially trade name Turkey products are offered such as gold jewelry, clothing, cosmetic products, etc.

The park holds a playground for kids where they can try fun things and do exercises. It is also a nice option for the elderly to forget all about lethargy and dullness, joining the excited teens and kids. Sports equipment is available here and fitness freaks who are fond of workout in uncovered spaces, enjoy it most.

Best time to visit is in spring and summer; the pleasant and cool atmosphere is a draw for families to go and spend a couple of fun hours in the delightful park. Although the park is packed with families and couples, it is not a good reason to forgo the lively and vibrant ambiance.

One nice thing that is committed by the municipality office of the region is to avoid smoking in the healthy environment of the park, something which, I think, should be fulfilled in public open spaces around the country. Interestingly, the youngsters are forerunners in this regard. They willingly collect the littered cigarette butts and throw them in the garbage cans.

Tourists can visit the nearby market after some rest in the vigorous park and hang around and enjoy their shopping in the open spaced market, which has recently flourished with development of huge commercial complexes.

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