Milad Tower Dolphin Park

September 13, 2018

Smart, friendly, vibrant dolphins have long been admired by many animal lovers. The happy and playful sea animals have very sensitive hearing, capable of receiving low-frequency sound almost inaudible to human beings.

With their awesome behavior, it’s the right time to go to one of their habitats in the capital city, where you can experience joyful hours with these sociable aquatic mammals.

Tehran’s dolphinarium, sitting southwest of the tall Milad Tower, is home to seals, from Spain, the Netherlands, and South America, as well as lovely dolphins. The off-coast dolphinarium, the first recognized in the Middle East and the highest aquarium for dolphins across the world, caters for 1,200 visitors for each showing.

Encompassing an area of 3,200 square meters, the site is supported by several trainers who do a great job to prepare the water animals for their public performances.

The aquarium, where simulated ocean water technology is at place to keep and raise a variety of marine mammals, is open to visitors every day. But it’s wise to pay a visit at night to enjoy the dazzling lighting shows.

The dolphins are trained for activities like dancing, playing harmonica, painting, etc. to entertain and thrill the guests, specifically the fascinated kids.

Dolphins are so interesting and approachable that you’ll want to take a series of photos with them.

As a recreational resort, the dolphinarium is truly popular, with plenty of amenities such as restaurants, coffee shops, and malls for visitors thanks to its special location nearby the popular Milad Tower.

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