Gahvare Did

September 11, 2018

Historic Gahvareh Did, also known as Gahvareh Zeid, built by the Dilemians, lies on the left side of Allaho Akbar Gorge.

Located on top of a mountain facing the city of Shiraz, it is a historic yet recreational resort. The lush green tract has been developed by the city’s municipality to create an entertaining atmosphere for visitors. The resort connects to the national park on the north, making it well worth a visit. To reach there, first go through the park on the slope of Chehel Magham Mountain, and take the concrete staircase to move up. Once there, you will have a panoramic view of the whole city.

The amazing architecture of the plain structure draws tourists and sightseers’ attention; the four-pillar domed construction has equal width and length, four by four m.

As for the name, Gahvareh Did, literally vision or view cradle, refers to the fact that the place was a checkpoint where guards could survey the whole area under control and protect the narrow gorge.

Built by Azed Aldoleh Deilami, it was a gateway turnpike to monitor the city.

It was not only a checkpoint for guards but also a center for spreading news to other parts of the city. Emergency messages were sent via reflected light from mirrors or by smoke signals. Horns and bugles were also used to keep people informed. At night, fires were lighted to warn other towers nearby, and in this way the news was disseminated everywhere.

A national heritage site, Gahvareh Did is open to the public free of charge.

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