Atrek River

August 2, 2019

On the far end of Iran’s north, the flourishing Atrek River flows on the borders between Iran and Turkmenistan. Starting in Hezar Masjed, Aladagh, and Binalud mountains in Quchan, it goes through Shirvan and Bojnurd and then reaches the neighboring Turkmenistan. It finally joins the Caspian Sea.

The 5th longest river in Iran a d the longest in Turkmenistan,  669 km, it is sometimes flooded. It irrigates 27,300 km  of agricultural lands. Maraveh Tappan, containing 5,000 hectares of wheat and barley is among the places fed by the great river. With its location, the river offers tourist attractions for tourists of both countries.

Among the places to visit along the river are Gorgan, Turkaman Sahra, and Qucgan.The best time to visit Gorgan and Turkaman Sahra is early spring as the canola fields are filled with yellow-colored flowers in a long expanse of tens of kilometers. As far as eyes could see, yellow is dominant color. Undoubtedly one of the most captivating attractions in the season, it is a place to leave behind fatigue and lethargy and soak up the charm and magnificence everywhere.

Quchan is a great tourist destination thanks to the river and Tabarak Dam. The whole place is covered in orchards and farms. The mountains here offer climbing opportunities for adventurous travelers. The paved road here is home to many villages and there are a chain of restaurants, inns, and camping sites. So tourists can easily enjoy a memorable day.

What’s more, you can experience fly fishing, a favorite activity for many visitors. It needs a permit from the Environment Department of the city. You can get rods from there too.

The wildlife is extraordinary: rams, goats, eagles, tortoises,  and Panthers. Juniper and maple trees are seen around.

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