Aras River

August 2, 2019

Aras, also named Araz locally, is a roaring river in Iran, located in the northwest. The epic river has been stated in the poetry of great Persian verse writers. Starting at Thousand Ponds Mountain in the neighboring country of Turkey, it is one of the most adorable watercourses of the country. The river boasts 3 dams; Khomarloo, Mughan, and Aras.

Home to 10 species of fish, the river offers fishing opportunities to interested tourists. A popular destination for fishermen, the great river is a habitat for massive fish.

On the bank of the river and around, travelers will visit interesting places from gorgeous parks to historical buildings.

Offering breathtaking views to sightseers, the region is a natural home for a variety of birds. Wildlife is also of note.

Among the attractions around the river involve Asiyab Waterfall, 30 km east of Julfa with a remarkable landscape. Another fascinating thing is the limestone cave about 30 m behind the waterfall, also worth a visit.

Among the villages around, one is Ashtibin reflecting old history of buildings in the Safavid era. Marbles are seen in houses of the village. Above all, the village is surrounded by enchanting forests, making it an awesome piece of land. It is nationally registered as & Health Village&.

As for wildlife, you will enjoy your encounter with birds and animals along the river. The valuable ecosystem is a territory for deer, goats, brown bears, leopards, rams, and gazelles among others. Birds such as golden eagles, herons, roosters, partridges, and pheasants are seen here.

The vegetation is also notable. In fact all plants that protect animals and birds exist around the river. Different species of willow and maple are seen. Also medicinal herbs and barberry are bountiful.

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