Atigh-traditional-hotel in Isfahan

May 12, 2018
In terms of divisions neighborhood of the city Drqdym to six quarters named Bagh-e Kari, Lnban, macro, Chnblan, Jvybarh and Dardasht been limited. According to the divisions of the old traditional hotel in the neighborhood Dardasht (Shahshahan) is located. This old house with 1182 square meters with 3 dais, 3 basement, 20 rooms with architectural style veil, central courtyard, symmetrical and reaps the traditional Bashd.htl Old building, including exterior and interior, the house has three entrance vestibule with KarbndyHall inside the house Mogharnas beautiful decorations and paintings of milk and ornate moldings. With its arches tall niche work. In the upper hall there Gvshvarhayy by three entrance to the Hall overlooking the sash.
Address : Isfahan – Twins – Aladdin Mir alley (37) Zip Code : 783211

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