June 17, 2019

Amlash, in Gilan, resembles a massive house in a dead-end street; as it meets green mighty mountains filled in forests on its south. From gorgeous nature to history, Amlash has it all. So your journey to this place will be a full one. A pearl in the province, Amlash, expanded recently, is now a haven for fussy tourists and sightseers. It has indeed raised the expectations of national and international tourists with its heavenly beauty.

A popular tourist attraction in recent years, Amlash is geomorphologically important; here you can see 3 distinctive parts, plain, foothills and mountains. The foothills once cladded in verdant forests are now home to massive tea gardens. The mountains in the south are visited by climbers and hikers. The highest parts are quite cold and covered in snow and ice. In hot seasons, it’s cool and mild. Plains and foothills are mild. The unspoiled piece of land brings together all elements of a cool journey: caves, natural glaciers, springs, and wetland. And this all is an evidence that the region offers the potentials of a nice vacation destination.

As a historic place, Amlash holds cultural and historic landmarks among which are Imam Tower, Sufism houses, and Shahneshin Castle.  

Best visit time is in spring when fresh cool air rejuvenates visitor’s souls. All the hills and slopes are in green, a genuine manifestation of beauty and attractiveness. Falls are also imposing in Amlash. Vivid colors of foliage are amazing; you might feel like you are going through a covered road with mesmerizing natural colors. Perhaps fall presents best opportunities for honeymooners and newly-weds.

There is plenty to do here from fishing in the rivers to encounter with animals and swimming. Photography lovers will irresistibly record spectacular landscapes.

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