Rig-e Zarrin

January 28, 2019

Deserts are irresistible destinations for some travelers; once they are back they feel like they have missed something. It seems like they have left part of their soul back in there.

Perhaps the peace in yellow-brown lands beckons them to go and lie down on warm, soft, fine dunes for hours non-stop, away from the pollution and noise of the large cities.

The golden desert of Zarrin spreading in the central province of Yazd is a must-see attraction in Iran. Famed for its high hills of Sand, the dry, uninhabited land pulls many desert fanatics from across the country and the world alike.

Visitors will have an enchanting experience here, hiking and enjoying the peaceable times. There are tours that try to make the most out of your journey.

Some of their services involve live music, camel riding, motor biking, and paragliding. Go on safaris to enjoy your expedition. Try pizza and local dishes in the middle of the sandy region.

Perhaps the greatest scene in the quiet place is caught at night when the fully black skies are sparkled by shining dots. Star-watching is a favorite thing not only for desert lovers but also for almost all tourists.

The most convenient times begin in early autumn and keep onto early spring. Fill up your lungs with clean, cool air at this time period. Summers are not recommended for their severe heat.

Take a light backpack with your required things inside. Wear light shoes. A sun hat and sunscreen are a must.

Don’t forget your camera either. You won’t imagine how many charming shots you can take. Don’t leave anything behind.

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