Khaloo Mirza Hotel in Yazd

May 10, 2018

Traditional hotel in the vicinity of the fence that mirza khaloo Khajeh nasir Tusi oddinten gbran (oldname aghda) located behind the gate of a House and four Iranian traditional architecture and dating back to the era of Patriarch looks.  Thisis according to KH Mirza Khan and one of elders is theaghda is attributed. The spaceof the House includes: vestibule, vestibule, Hall, Evan, room andmtabkh. restoration and revival of the building with the efforts of a group of Iranian youth and the land ofOctober began the year 1389 and hope this is the beginning for spontaneousmovement of the restoration of the historical context and treasured aqdegah.  Eachroom is coloured green, oldand colorful fabrics blue and red and. .. In the middle ofeach room is a traditional rear seats andsurrounding the inner rooms of the old rugs;and the role and niche each room filled with oldutensils and dishes.

Address: Aqda, Yazd Province, Iran

Phone: +98 913 000 5159

[email protected]

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