Karaj River

August 2, 2019

A natural tourist attraction in Alborz Province, Karaj River showcases a spectacular view to the sightseers. On the bank of the river, dense forests extend in a long expanse. With its numerous gorgeous scenes, it is considered a top destination for travelers inside and outside the country.

One of the most abundant rivers throughout the country, Karaj starts on the slopes of mighty Alborz Mountain ranges and end in Daryachey-e Namak Lake in Qom. Stretching along Karaj and Chalus roads,  the river is 75 km long and 8 m wide. On its way, it feeds meadows and fields, and meets Jajrood River after quite a long path. 

The river supplies drinking water for Tehran’s residents and waters the farms on its ways. It also is a resource for supplying electricity. It used to irrigate all gardens of Karaj, Shahriyar, and Savojbelagh in the past.

The origin for many subsidiary rivers like Sijan, Goorab,  Haft Cheshmeh,  etc.it  reserves beautiful landscapes along the way. 

If you are looking for the most intriguing part of the river, swerve towards Amir Kabir Dam, and experience alluring views around yourself. The dam, built in 1963  as the first multi-purpose structure over the river, is now a fascinating tourist attraction in itself. 

On your tour to Karaj you will enjoy your visit to the presently conserved areas. 

The river is a sports tourism hub and attracts visitors interested in fishing and boating. The best time for fishing is from late spring to late summer.   Home to a variety of fish spicies  like  red and rainbow tout as well as scallops, it fascinates visitors. 

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