Amir Chakhmaq Complex

September 11, 2018

This historic site features Iran’s history and magnificent architecture. Lying in Yazd, the center of Iran, the building attracts tourists from Iran and other countries.

Amir Jalal Aldin Chakhmagh, the governor of Yazd, committed himself to build the structure with his wife’s assistance; it contains Tekyeh, a place for religious mourning, a square, a bathhouse, a caravansary, monastery, a subterranean canal and cold water well, as well as  a precious mosque. The mosque’s construction finished in 841 AH and features special beauty, evolution, and glamor.

The edifice dates from the Timurid era, ninth century. The national tourist site suffered some change over years and was restored when Shah Abbas ruled the country.

At the threshold of the mosque overlooking the square lies a piece of stone on which a donation statement is carved. On either side of the north corridor, exquisite mosaic tiles are seen, decorating windows. A phrase is inscribed on the external part of the dome in Kufic which reads, “Alsoltan Zil Allah”. Other highlights include the altar along with the arches embellished in Muqarnas, a form of decorated vaulting in Islamic architecture.

Right amid the works of Muqarnas stands a marvelous marble stone. The east entrance carries a mosaic inscription in Sols script, carried out by Mohammad Alhakim. The dome is decorated with vivid green turquoise tiles surrounded by Kufic scripts.

Surviving many years, the attractive tourist destination nowadays receives a large number of visitors. The square offers a pleasant place for pedestrians and sightseers to stroll while enjoying a scenic view of the fountains around.

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