Shorabil Lake

May 9, 2018

The geologically-significant tourist attraction in Ardabil, Shorabil Lake, formerly a popular spot for the locals and visitors suffering from dermatitis, and joint pains, covers an area of 180 hectares.

Presently within the city, the lake is a habitat for indigenous birds like herons, francolins, pheasants, moorhens, and ducks. Every year in autumn, hundreds of migratory birds such as gray pelicans, crowned ducks, golden-eyed ducks, gray geese and black storks fly from Russia towards the lake to spend the whole winter in the lake. If you want to spot them, the best time to go is in early November. Fish like trout, pikes, carps, and shrimps are raised in the lake.

Development of the amenities in its vicinity as of 2012 has turned it into a well-traveled recreational resort. There is a covered amusement park of Shahr-e Khorshid, and sports and entertainment facilitates are considerable here. You will have opportunities for boating and biking or cycling. Additionally, there are a track and field, fine hotels, a restaurant (formerly a floating one amid the lake which was transferred out onto the shores for safety reasons), handicrafts booths and exhibits, parking lot as well as a zoo.

As far as the name of the lake is concerned, Shorabil, meaning salt waters, suggests the salinity of waters. Nowadays, with adding sufficient amounts of fresh waters it is no more a salt lake although it still remains full of minerals.

The best time to pay visits is in spring and summer. Although lifeguards are trained to help the travelers, if you travel in wintertime watch out as the icy surface of the lake might break and make problems.

The lake with surrounding strips of lawn and wonderful views of the Sabalan Mountain is a leisure site for families and sightseers. To reach, you should first go to Ardabil, 2 km southeast of the city towards Khalkhal.

One last note is that hunting is forbidden in the only natural urban lake.

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