Rangin Kaman Theme Park

September 13, 2018

Hamedan houses heaps of historic yet interesting tourist attractions you won’t want to miss such as Avicenna Mausoleum, Stone Lion, Hegmataneh Museum, Baba Tahir Tomb, and Alavian Dome which make for an unforgettable journey.  But if you already visited the city, make sure to see the amusement park with plenty of playgrounds for your kids. A good journey is the one that satisfies everybody from adults to kids.

The gigantic park, covering an area of 25,000 square meters, involves 1 hectare of enclosed area, making it one of the largest in the country. National and European standards have been used to develop the safe park.

A good spot for kids’ entertainment and joyfulness with its alluring playgrounds, the park also offers opportunities for adults ‘shooting, Kart racing or karting, bowling, playing billiards, and boating.

There are traditional and fast food restaurants, coffee shop, as well as shopping center. The park holds parking lot and ATM is also available.

With over 200 electro-mechanical arcade games, a 360 degree cinema, greasepaint makeup booth for kids, photo gallery, and outdoor sky trains as well as bungee jumping, the parkland is a popular haunt for many families.

Children will find the park a delightful and enjoyable resort; they will release their excitement in the ecstatic atmosphere of the parkland and adults will find it hard to convince them to return.

Luxury Hotel of Parsian is also across from the park and so stop worrying about accommodation. The opulent hotel will set a comfortable journey never to be forgotten. You will enjoy your stopover in one of the most popular hotels in Hamedan with friendly service.

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