Ghar-e Paraued

January 24, 2019

12 km northwest of Kermanshah, stands the high mountains of Paraued with exceptional beauties. Atop the mountain, you can’t believe what scenery is waiting for you.

Inside the mountain there is a cave, 1454 m in length and 752 m in depth. Discovered over 40 years ago, the large cave is a place to explore unknown and mysterious charms of the nature.

Cavers experience a tough expedition here. It is difficult to take steps through the narrow mouth of the cave. The temperature here does n’t go any further than 3 degrees Celsius.  In fact, as a result of the existence of natural glaciers the cold might be troublesome. Also There are plenty of wells inside the cave with different depths. So first-comers make sure to keep warm.

The inner stone, jagged, and porous walls embody harsh nature. Yet, nothing can ever keep enthusiastic cavers and visitors from their worthwhile struggles. Their clothes might tear easily. What’s worse, the waters and cold might be discomforting.

Walking through the narrow corridors filled with waters sounds amazing to adventurous travelers. If you are one of them, you will absolutely enjoy your visit to the area.

If you are not a professional, make sure to enjoy the company of a guide. Otherwise the impassable place might threaten your life. Sadly, 5 Iranian caverns have lost their lives here. But it does n’t mean that you should evade trying it if interested. Just come equipped and be prepared for some physical endeavors. And a guide would be the last thing to set a nice trip for you.  8

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