Farvardinn Hotel in Yazd

May 10, 2018

Around 30 km south east of Yazd, en route to Bafq, this gently attractive village is delicately placed at the edge of the Lut desert. Fahraj village warmly welcomes history and nature lovers from across the world. It is known for its magnificent Jame mosque, and Shohada—the reminiscent of Zoroastrians only victory against the Muslim Arabs after the Qadesia and Nahavand battles while invading Iran in 632. The Jame mosque has two iwans, built upon 12 huge pillars and is known to be the first mosque ever built in Iran. The fine use of pre-Islamic symbols in its simple decorations is remarkable. While you head off to explore this wonderful village, also watch out for the restored old section and the 1600 year old fortress. Alongside with the traditional market alley way with vaulted ceiling there is a partly fallen huge dome that had once been a Zoroastrian fire temple. Fahraj is an easy escape from the busy city of Yazd, and beside its overwhelming silence; you can easily walk or get a ride to the sand dunes which are in some 4 km on the east of the village.

Telephone : +98 (0)35 583 877 12

Email : [email protected]

Mobile : +98 913 352 4723

Address : Opposite the Fahraj historical castle Fahraj | Yazd | IRAN

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