East Park

February 11, 2019

The lovely park in Kermanshah Province, once a lush pistachio garden, sets a brand-new experience for sightseers. Stretching on a mountainous road, it is crammed with postcard draws everywhere you turn your head. Boasting an artificially-made waterfall, the park is home to swans and geese.

Evoking a sense of excitement and pleasure, it is lined with beautiful indigenous flowers and plants you can hardly find in other parklands. Paved road of the park is suitable for a light promenade. And physically-disable tourists are, besides, given wheelchairs to enjoy their visit together with other tourists.

Extended on a fairly unsafe steep road, it is offers picturesque scenes all the way through. You will come across many beautiful scenery to photograph. At night, you can experience a different view; with gorgeously-lit place in the heart of mountains. A popular site for families, it offers opportunities like hiking, boating as well as usual camping.

Perched east of the precious historic sites, it makes for an worthwhile trip; particularly, the nearby Taq-e Bostan, Persian for “arch of the garden”, with striking stone reliefs from the Sassanid era, should not be missed.

Once in Kermanshah, one thing you should always try is delectable Dande Kebab which is served in almost close-by Jamshid and Heidari restaurants. And don’t forget to get its local confection, Nan Berenji.

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