Dowlat Abad Garden‌

September 13, 2018

The delightful atmosphere of this garden, and its series of old buildings, create memorable moments for all sightseers. The site covers an area of 70,000 square meters and features ponds, fountains, amazing buildings and dense plants.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, enchanting Dowlat Abad Garden holds the tallest windward in the world as well.

Amid Yazd province is a land of deserts and hot, sunny days; the pleasant and vibrant garden offers a pleasant stay for tourists across the world. Through a beautiful corridor, embellished with glamorous Persian architectural detail, you enter a world of amazement. When you look at the tall windward, commonly used in the district buildings, it seems like you are flying into the blue skies.

After 260 years, the garden with its unique building depicts a patch of paradise right in front of your eyes. Grapevines and berry bushes, pine trees, and cypresses embrace you warmly and make this a fragrant land of pretty roses, jasmines, purple flowers, and jonquils.

The soothing sound of water running amid the garden is the perfect accompaniment to the sights of the garden.

The great central building was founded by Mohammad Taghi Khan, also known as Khan Bozorg, late in the Afshar era, in 1160 AH. He first set up a subterranean canal, 65 km long, and directed waters from Mehriz to Yazd and onto the garden. He then established his eye-catching building as the seat of government for the area.

Among highlights of the tourist destination are exquisite handicrafts and pottery offered in booths through the entry corridor.

And you shouldn’t miss its grandeur at night: the great lighting and lanterns installed in equal distances around the garden enhance the beauty of the garden.

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