Bandar-e Torkaman

June 14, 2019

North of Iran always equals fascination to many. And yes, it is really fascinating with its rivers, lush forests, calm coadylines and rich wildlife. What‘s more its divine cuisine seems to please the taste buds of all people. Here is a short trip to one of the most marvelous cities in the north, a genuine piece of heaven.

You will enjoy each part of your journey to Bandar-e Turkaman, an experience of no like. You will run into many fascinating things from the exquisite handicrafts to  wildlife sanctuaries in an ambient atmosphere.  

What catches you in the first eye is the vivid charming colors throughout the city. The vigorously colorful tourist attraction is worth tens of clicks.

Clothing is outstanding here; women and girls are dressed in colorful, flowery skirts and scarves. Men, too, stick to their traditions in clothing. Experiencing the folk culture is fun. In different parts of the city you will see stands where you can try on their local clothes and takes some memorable photos. Lucky tourists will fall in love with wedding ceremonies here; simple, colorful and fascinating.

Souvenirs shops are almost all located in the harbor where you can get clothes, shawls, priceless hand-woven rugs, felt works, jewelry, and other artifacts. The coast open-air market is actually the most important commercial hub of Turkaman.

In addition, there is an open market on Mondays and great produces of the Turkmanis as well as invaluable handicrafts are sold at good prices. If you are staying there over a week, don‘t miss it.
Plan your trip so you could see around as well to visit the gorgeous scenery the city offers. 

Turkmanis culinary delights are amazing. Make sure to sample taste dishes like Chekdermeh, Buruk, Ekmek, Gatlama and Bastermeh. It’s cookies are healthy snacks.

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